Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas; My Geeky Christmas Tree 2007

Merry Christmas!!!

Hope everyone has a safe and happy Christmas day.

Below are pictures of my geeky Christmas tree. It's a little skinnier than the ones I usually get, but it has a more conical shape than the nearly lopsided one I got last year.

The Star Wars section, front and center as always:

A mix of Star Wars and Star Trek stuff near the top (you can also see the Moravian Star on the top):

The Star Trek section, with Worf bridging the gap between the Deep Space Nine and Next Generation ornaments (Worf was on both shows):

The Spider-Man, Batman, and Kermit the Frog section (I think I'm retiring my Superman-related ornaments and all the comic book and Star Wars lunch box ornaments):

The North Carolina lighthouses and Wright Brothers plane section (there's actually one more lighthouse, but I accidentally left it out of the picture):

The angel section (these are the same five Hallmark angels on the 4-foot tree for my mom & dad -- see below):

Fireplace, Stockings, and Nativities:

This is a 4-foot tree I got just for my mom to decorate. It's mostly got angels to reflect my mom's likes (she collects Jim Shore angels). But, there's also a fishing jacket, work stepladder, and paint table for my dad. It's hard to tell but there's also a pair of small deer ornaments, one saying "Mom," one saying "Dad."

(Edit: Just to clarify... My parents and most of the rest of my family are from the NC Piedmont Triad area, where I still live. My parents moved to Morehead City, down at NC's "Crystal Coast," a few years ago, and they stay at my house whenever they are in town, including Christmas. Since they're here for Christmas, they don't bother getting a Christmas tree of their own, and since my tree is full of geeky stuff, I started a new tradition last year of letting mom decorate a small tree with ornaments that reflect her & Dad's interests, angels for Mom, home improvement stuff for Dad, and one fishing ornament for both of them.)

Over the years, certain Hallmark ornaments have become so big, heavy, expensive, or cool that I've decided to start displaying a few on my bookshelf year-round instead of on the tree only once a year. I'm guessing some of the 2007 ornaments (if I get any on sale before they run out) will end up here too.

Here's a little 2-foot, pre-lit, pre-decorated Christmas tree I found at an arts & crafts store in Kernersville for only $20. I love the blue & silver color scheme (which matches the blue, gray, and white in my kitchen -- although putting it on top of a red & green plaid tablecloth makes that a moot point). Couldn't resist it. There's also a 3-foot tree in the guest bedroom. It's the skinny tree I used last year for mom & dad's first batch of ornaments. It's not even lit, and I just threw some leftover ornaments on it, so it's not worth photographing. But, all total, I ended up with four trees this year.

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