Sunday, May 23, 2010

My Favorite Episodes of Lost - Season 6

Season 6.  It had so much potential.  It had so much to prove.  It had so much to live up to after the stellar season 5.  Sadly, I don't think it did.  It's been a good season, but it's been a frustrating season too.  It's been exciting and has had some big revelations, but it also hasn't totally felt like Lost.  All the cryptic stuff that happened at the Others Temple felt a little "off."  I haven't been thrilled with the sometimes significant switch in focus from our Losties to Jacob and the "Man in Black."  Maybe I'm just jaded because of what happened to Juliet.  ;)  I do like the sideways universe, but I'm not sure exactly what it's purpose is in terms of storytelling, but I guess/hope we will find out later tonight.

Season 6 - Favorites

[6.01]  LA X (Part 1)
[6.02]  LA X (Part 2)
[6.07]  Dr. Linus

Season 6 - Honorable Mentions

[6.04]  The Substitute
[6.05]  Lighthouse
[6.06]  Sundown
[6.08]  Recon

I loved the two-part / two-hour season premiere because of the introduction of the sideways universe.  It had a lot of "Easter Eggs" with old characters, sometimes ones who had died, coming back for an appearance in the new timeline.  I like seeing how some things turned out the same, how some things turned out completely opposite, and how somethings were similar but with a twist.  It was very amusing, very nostalgic.

"Dr. Linus" was, by far, the most Lost-like episode of the series.  It contained a redemption storyline, it showed parallels between the prime timeline and the alternate timeline, it had some of our characters back on the beach, and I think it's the only episode of the season to have a classic music montage near the end (I love those).  This felt like the old classic days of Lost.  Too bad it couldn't last...

I liked "The Substitute," "Lighthouse," and "Sundown" because of the information we learned about the numbers, Candidates, and Jacob's use of the lighthouse mirrors to observe the Candidates.  Actually, I don't even remember right now why I liked "Sundown," but I marked it an 8 out 10 at at the time, so I must have liked it.

I got a real kick out of the Sawyer-centric episode "Recon."  It was so cool seeing him be a police officer with Miles has his partner.  While I would have been *thrilled* to see Juliet in this episode, having James hook up with Charlotte (who looks much better off-island) was a decent consolation prize.

No, "Ab Aeterno," the Richard-centric episode, is neither a favorite nor an honorable mention.  Maybe once I get some distance from it, I'll like it better.  I will admit, it had some great production quality.  Out of *all* the episodes, it was the one that felt the most like a movie.  It had some of the most beautiful vistas of the island since season 1.  It had a great, romantic love story between Richard and his wife.  And, Nestor Carbonell should get an Emmy nomination for carrying this episode with excellence.  *But*, in the final season, when there's such little time to conclude so many subplots and solve so many mysteries, I do not care enough about Richard to see him get an entire episode when the only thing we learn about him that is important in the grand scheme of things is that Jacob made him immortal -- something we *already* knew.

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