Monday, October 11, 2010

Week in TV: October 04 - 08

Last week was a big mash of mediocre.  Since it was the third episode in the season for a lot of shows, hopefully they were just cost-cutting after blowout season premieres.

I know the 3rd episode of Chuck felt a lot like a "bottle show" with many scenes happening in air ducts of the new Buy More.  It was still good, but a slight dip in quality compared to the first two episodes of season four and the 4th episode I just watched tonight.  Hmm.  At least part of that may be due to Jeff & Lester...  They were back in full force last week, and the episode wasn't as good.  They were completely absent this week, and the episode was awesome.  There's more to it than that, but that makes feel better about being the only person on the planet who doesn't like the hijinks of the Buy More crew.

On the bright side, Glee had a slight upswing in quality this past week.  I didn't like everything about the episode, but this time I had to fast forward through only two songs.  Stargate: Universe redeemed itself too.  Oddly, its 2nd episode was better than the season premiere.

Undercovers was by no means bad, but in the battle between Undercovers and imitation Nyquil, Undercovers couldn't keep me awake.  I kept having to rewind parts of the episode because I kept dozing off.  Undercovers has potential, but it needs some kind of spark that fellow spy show Chuck has. It's early enough that it may find it, but it's not there yet.  And, for the record, I don't take cough syrup for fun.  I was fighting a cold last week.  Kids, don't do drugs; stay in school.

Week of October 04 - 08
01.  (B)  Parenthood  (s2 ep04)
02.  (B)  Chuck  (s4 ep03)
03.  (B)  Hawaii Five-0  (s1 ep03)
04. {tie}  (B)  Fringe  (s3 ep03)
04. {tie}  (B)  House  (s7 ep03)
06.  (B-)  Stargate: Universe  (s2 ep02)
07. {tie}  (B-)  No Ordinary Family  (s1 ep02)
07. {tie}  (B-)  The Event  (s1 ep03)
07. {tie}  (B-)  Caprica  (season 2 premiere)
10. {tie}  (B-)  Survivor  (s21 ep04)
10. {tie}  (B-)  Cougar Town  (s2 ep03)
10. {tie}  (B-)  Glee  (s2 ep03)
13. (B-)  Undercovers  (s1 ep03)

Oh, and since I'm already one episode into the current week of October 11 - 15, I'm going to go ahead and say tonight's 4th episode of Chuck was at least an A-.

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