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Live Blog: Heroes: Fall Finale

Entitled: "Fallout"

Claire has told her father about her power. Her father tells her he has known all along. He says there are others out there like Sylar, and they can all hurt her. He wants her to destroy the tapes she and Zack made.

Matt and his FBI colleague Audrey are investigating the Sylar incident and are going to question Peter who's in custody. Matt is having a lot of headaches.

Peter thinks Nathan has come to get him released from jail, but it's actually just a dream about Sylar.


Niki/Jessica successfully shot D.L. in the chest. When she aimed for his head, he used his power to have the bullet pass right through him.

Sylar has been injured and is in a large metal room that blocks his power. Eden has held guard overnight, HRG goes to talk to Sylar. Sylar confirms that he can take people's powers, and that why he's after Claire. Eden says she can have Sylar kill himself, but HRG turns down the offer.

D.L. and his son are in the woods and come across an abandoned cabin. He uses his power to unlock the door from outside. Micah helps bandage D.L. up, but D.L. passes out.

Matt & Audrey interrogate Peter where Peter gets Matt's powers. They are reading each others' minds, but it's confusing to both of them.


Commentary: I can't help but wondering where the Niki/Jessica storyline is going, but I'm glad that Matt & Peter are crossing paths. Hoping we get to see more of Hiro.


Mohinder returns to his father's NYC apartment. There is a note from Eden that says, "Welcome back. Now get back to work." He finds a sticky note with Isaac's name on it.

Eden talks to Isaac. He said he can't seem to draw the future without the drugs, but he enjoys art without the drugs. Eden tells him Claire was saved. Eden tells him she's leaving and hands him a some kind of card and a cell phone.

Hiro and Ando are at the high school and have heard about Claire's friend but thinks it was Claire. Hiro laments not being able to save Charlie (the waitress from the last episode) or Claire. He says their mission now is to find Peter and the artist and to stop the bomb. Isaac uses the phone from Eden to call Hiro. He says he wants to meet Hiro.

Audrey is questioning Claire with her father there. Matt is outside. Matt is trying to read Claire, but he's getting interference. HRG's Haitian mind-blocker is probably nearby. Claire wants to talk to Peter. Matt talks to HRG but still can't read anything. Matt tells Audrey he recognizes the interference from the bar where he lost a day. Sure enough, the Haitian was in the building.

Jessica is chasing after D.L. and Micah, but then Niki takes over and laments that D.L. is injured (she finds his bloody jacket). Niki & Jessica argue. Niki tries to take over, but Jessica is still too strong. When she/they hear Micah yell for help, Jessica pulls her gun out before running toward his voice.


Commentary: So far, Matt, Claire, and Peter are all converging together, and Isaac & Hiro are about to meet. I like that we're getting closer to see the "team" get together. I still don't get how the Niki/D.L./Micah triangle factor into everything.


Peter sees Claire again and meets Peter. Peter is glad to see Claire alive. HRG leaves, and Claire asks Peter how long he's been special. He figures out she can heal herself. He tells her she's the key to saving the world. Peter says he didn't know he was going to heal when he jumped off the building to save Claire.

Niki/Jessica catches up to Micah & D.L. D.L. is ready for Jessica and they fight, with Jessica unintentionally hurting Micah. Niki takes back over. She apologizes to both Micah & D.L.

Zack & Claire meet. He brings the tapes. She stomps on them. He promises he won't tell anyone.

Hiro & Ando meet Isaac, and they go back to the Burnt Toast Diner. They explain each other's powers. Hiro even tells Isaac he finds him dead in the future. Two days ago, Isaac drew Hiro & Charlie together. Isaac says he recently painted a picture of a man exploding. Hiro asks, "How do stop an exploding man?"


Commentary: Isaac has become such a background character, I almost forgot that he illustrated the comic book about Hiro & Ando that they've been using to guide them and that it was Isaac who Hiro found dead in the future. So, it is actually pretty fitting that these three should meet up together.


Claire tells her brother Lyle that their dad knows about her power and that he knows Lyle knows. Claire asks Lyle questions he can't answer. He says he can't remember (for a minute there, I thought he was going to be a shape-shifter posing as Lyle to get to Claire).

Niki, D.L., and Micah are now together and trying to go for help. Niki is worried that Jessica is going to come back. When D.L. & Micah aren't looking, Niki sneaks off and tells a cop to arrest her murder.

Matt & Audrey discuss Matt's marriage and whether he should fight for her marriage. They see HRG and the Haitian. Matt starts to get the interferece again, and his nose even bleeds from trying so hard to read them. He only gets one word, "Sylar."

Claire has asked Zack to meet her. He doesn't remember the last few weeks of being her friend. She realizes that Zack & Lyle have had their memories of her powers erased.


HRG goes back to talk to Sylar. Sylar says in a way, both he and HRG collect people with powers.

Hiro tries to get Isaac to paint the future without the drugs. He goes into the white-eyes trance and starts drawing.

Claire calls her dad and tells here that Zack & Lyle don't remember. She asks where her mom & Lyle are. Someone enters. It's the Haitian. He says her father sent her to make her forget, like he did with Zack & Lyle. He also says he's made her mom forget multiple times, so this is something he does often, and that might explain why Claire's mom is so spacey. However, the Haitian decides that Claire should remember and should keep it a secret.

Isaac has painted a picture of Hiro holding up a katana (sword) near a tyrannosaurus rex. Hiro says if he steps on a bug in the past, he could change the future. ....And that he really needs to find that sword. :)

Eden calls Mohinder, tells him she's been lying to him, says she's sorry and that she'll explain everything, and says that she needs to make things right by eliminating the man who killed Mohinder's father. When she hangs up, she enters Sylars cell with a gun. She says she lived next door to Chandra Suresh and that she's going to make Sylar shoot himself in the head. He telekinetically pulls her through the glass and starts to strangle her. He says he's going to take her power. She raises the gun. He says she can't hurt him with that. Instead, she shoots herself.

Nathan comes to get Peter out of jail. Nathan is still skeptical and annoyed about the superpower stuff that Peter is obsessed with. Peter faints. Either he's having a vision or has been transported in time, but either way, he appears to be in NYC. Time has stopped, as some things are in motion, but everyone has abandoned their cars. He's outside his brother's campaign headquarters. He sees Mohinder leave a cab, and then sees Matt, Niki, D.L., Micah, Claire, Nathan, Isaac, Simone, Hiro, and Ando. Isaac stops Simone from running toward Peter. Claire and the others move away from Peter, except Nathan move near him. Peter's hands and then the rest of his body start to glow. It turns out Peter is the exploding man. It was a vision; Peter is back in the present and is passed out in Nathan's arms.

That's it. The show returns January 22.


Commentary: Okay, not exactly "live" blogging. I used TiVo to let me pause to catch up on typing and then fast forward through commercials. I'm about 20 minutes behind here at the end.

Anyway, really good episode. I'm glad to see more heroes teaming up. I hate that the one time seeing them all together is in a vision of a future that may or may not happen. Odd to see that Peter is the exploding man that causes the destruction of NYC. I would have thought it'd be the radioactive guy that Matt & Audrey found in a previous episode. Could it be that it's the same power as that guy, but that Peter's close enough that it manifests through his ability to borrow the powers of others? Also, how did Peter see this vision? Does he still have some residual future-telling from his borrowing of Isaac's power? Or, since we've seen Peter have cryptic dreams before, is that a power all his own? Also, if Peter has future-telling dreams and can borrow powers, I wonder if he's the only one with more than one special ability (not counting Sylar). Lastly, it's odd that every hero was in Peter's dream when he has only met Nathan, Claire, Matt, Isaac, and Simone.

The scene with Sylar and Eden was pretty intense. However, I tend to hate scenes of suicide in TV & movies, so I can't say I liked the way things ended there, even though it may have been necessary. I'm guessing that Sylar has to kill to steal a power but that he can't if someone is already dead. If I'm right, Eden's suicide keeps him from stealing her ability and becoming that much more powerful. Logical & necessary, but it still makes me uncomfortable.

Really good show. Can't wait until January 22.

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