Friday, December 01, 2006

The Pam Stone Show Returns (a while back)

Since I haven’t blogged much in a while, this is actually old news by several weeks, but the much missed Pam Stone radio show is back on the air!!!

Several months ago, 107.9FM The Link, out of Charlotte, offered Pam Stone (semi-retired stand-up comedian and former actress in the role of Judy Watkins on ABC comedy “Coach”) the chance to expand her weekday radio show from two to four hours because radio show advertising is typically sold in four or five hour blocks (maybe three hours for some nighttime shows). Pam graciously declined, claiming that her show was too high energy for her or her fans to sustain 20 hours a week. The show subsequently went on “hiatus” for several months.

The Pam Stone Show has now returned. Ironically, it is on for the four hour slot it would have originally been given, but it is only on one day of the week, Saturday, instead of weekdays. Despite doing double duty as the producer & phone screener for the weeknight Cooper Lawrence Show, Anthony Michaels and Chad Bower, respectively, are still back to quip with Pam. Pip -- Pam’s shy, non-speaking, bell-ringing, computer-operating sidekick, who used to date Al Pacino in her wilder days -- is also back, even though she allegedly helps on the new Saturday show without pay.

Pam, Pip, and Pam’s two dogs Rosie & Bonnie do the show out of a small building on Pam’s private property in rural South Carolina. The building, often called the Radio Shack, is behind her horse barn and has no indoor plumbing, so Pam & Pip have to run to Pam’s A-frame house to use the bathroom during commercial breaks. Pam’s dogs, horses, and even birds outside the shack can sometimes be heard in the background, and at least once during the old weekday show has the shack been sprayed by a skunk while Pam was on the air. Anthony and Chad joke, quip, and argue with Pam from the safer & better-smelling Link studio in Charlotte, NC.

Pam often refers to the show as A.D.D. (Attention Deficit Disorder) Radio due to her often rapid tendency to change topics for callers to call in about. Special segments on the show include Headlines, monkeys in the news, Pip Files (multiple choice game about current events), Pamnesia (people calling in with funny stories of momentary lapses in memory or intelligence, basically “brain farts”), diet & exercise advice from professional trainer & nutritionist David Crocker (who they pick on for his tendency to get nervous and constantly clear his throat), and Cooking with Andrew: Lemon Bars King of High Cotton Catering.

Around Halloween, Pam tries to send someone from the show out to visit a “real-life” haunted house, and on Pam’s birthday, she likes to have people call in with their favorite jokes, riddles, and one-liners. Two special segments that I miss and seem to have been discontinued, even when Pam was still on weekdays, were the spastic “You Don’t Say!!!” and the hillbilly version of “Swap & Shop.”

I’d still rather have Pam on weekdays, and I could have stood 20 hours of her show per week, despite what she claims. However, four hours of Pam a week is better than none at all. You can check out more about The Pam Stone Show and download the weekly podcasts at

Pam, Anthony, Chad, and Pip are on 107.9 The Link on Saturdays from 10:00AM to 2:00PM.
Anthony and Chad also help on The Cooper Lawrence Show, weeknights 7:00PM to 10:00PM.

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