Friday, April 27, 2007

Babylon 5: The Lost Tales Available for Pre-Order

Babylon 5: The Lost Tales on DVD is available for pre-order exclusively at The release date is 31 July 2007. They've set the initial cost at a discounted $16.99.

Amazon gives the option of free shipping for orders of $25 or more, so I've put in my order for Babylon 5: The Lost Tales and Babylon 5: Legend of the Rangers (something I never had gotten around to getting until now).

Babylon 5: The Lost Tales contains two stand-alone stories in the Babylon 5 universe. Main cast members of the Babylon 5 and Crusade TV shows returning for The Lost Tales are Bruce Boxleitner as Interstellar Alliance President John Sheridan, Tracy Scoggins as Earthforce Captain Elizabeth Lochley, and Peter Woodward as the Techmoage named Galen.

The DVD became available for pre-order just around a week ago, and already, within a couple days, it rose to the #6 spot on Amazon's best selling DVD list. It's now slipped slightly to #8. However, for the pre-order of a DVD collection of two stories, totally only 75 minutes, based on a low-budget syndicated science fiction show that ended it's fifth and final year on the crappy TNT network around nine years ago, I'd say reaching the top ten best sellers list in its first week is still pretty impressive--especially since its toughest competition includes Oscar-nominated The Queen, blockbuster Casino Royale, Night at the Musem, and the phenomenal documentary series Planet Earth.

Babylon 5 is just that good. It was and still is my favorite TV show. Ever.

Originally, The Lost Tales was to have three stories, but the story about Michael Garibaldi and his nemesis, Psi Cop Alfred Bester (played by Star Trek's Walter Koenig), was held back for the next DVD, which I'm thinking will surely happen now that the pre-orders for this disc have gone so well. Despite repeated success, Warner Bros. tends to be tough on Babylon 5 and always makes it prove itself before moving on to the next thing. I think this DVD has proven itself already.

Pre-order your copy of Babylon 5: The Lost Tales to help it return to the #6 spot or higher.

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