Sunday, April 01, 2007

Online April Fools Day Pranks

In the past few years, I haven't seen or heard as many pranks on April Fools Day, especially when it falls on a weekend. However, I'm pretty sure that the following things are just April Fools Day jokes:

1. Odd & Sudden Site Re-Design at (Transformers World) is a site that specializes in Transformers movie news & toy news. But today, their entire site looks different. All old Transformers news, info, links, directories, etc. are all gone, and there are pictures and some blog entries regarding some low-budget looking movie or TV show called TransMorphers. I don't know if TransMorphers is real or something totally made up, but either way, I'm fairly certain such an expansive site would not abandon all their old content on Transformers, the genuine & original article.

2. Transformers Movie "Sneak Peak" at

According to an April 01 enrty at , bloggers John and Doug saw a sneak peak of the upcoming Transformers movie just two hours after arriving in Los Angeles. While it's true the two are temporarily moving from Canada to L.A. soon (if not already), they made no mention of the alleged sneak peak in their live podcast Friday evening. Plus, the blog entry isn't even written by them. The alleged quotes from John are too brief and too vague compared to his usual detailed analysis, and some of the spoilers that he drops sound fake. Who knows, he might end up having the same comments when it actually comes out, but considering it's April Fools Day, I just don't think it's real.

3. Alleged Gilmore Girls Season/Series Finale Script Leaked

An entry at alleges to be spoiling the season finale -- possibly series finale -- of Gilmore Girls. The spoilers are in invisotext and allege that the whole town shows up for Rory's graduation from Yale, that Luke sells the diner to Kirk and moves to New Mexico to be close to his daughter April, and that Lorelai sells her portion of the Dragonfly Inn to Sookie and Michel so that she can re-unite with Christopher. For one thing, I doubt that the whole town would go to Rory's college graduation (only Lorelai, Luke, Sookie, Jackson, and the grandparents went to her high school graduation), I doubt Luke could stand to sell the diner to Kirk (it was probably hard enough selling his dad's boat to Kirk recently), and I think there would be riots in the streets if the series--or even just another season--ended with Lorelai and Christopher together again. Besides, this one is confirmed fake. When you click on the "Read the rest of this entry link," the next page has an April Fools Day graphic in it.

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