Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Vote for Maddie

No, Maddie's not running for president. I don't even know Maddie.

I stumbled upon her profile at Facebook while looking at local groups. She is someone nearby in Eden who has entered the Smashbox Model Search 2007, apparently a modeling contest by a cosmetics company.

She's pretty cute and could use your support. If you think she's got a nice look and/or you'd just like to support a local Triad person, click on her photo and throw a vote her way (I reiterate, this is for a cosmetics modeling contest, so don't worry, clicking on the pic won't take you to an adult site or anything like that).


(If anyone explores the Smashbox site and finds another local Triad person or even just another North Carolinian in the contest, leave a comment with the URL of the person's profile or at least the profile ID number.)

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