Sunday, February 24, 2008

Live Blogging: 80th Annual Academy Awards [Hour 2]

Nice montage of bincoulars & periscopes. Now one of bad dreams. I know they're just joking. But, I could do without all montages.

Keri Russell is up to present a song from August Rush, something I never got around to seeing but am still very tempted to. Keri Russell should be nominated for Best Actress in Waitress. Waitress is one of two great films sadly overlooked this year, the other being Charlie Wilson's War. Waitress ties with Ocean's 13 as my favorite movie of 2007, but Waitress would be far more Oscar-friendly. Unfortunately, it came out during the summer, so I guess it got forgotten by Oscar season. If I had done a top 10 list of 2007 movies, Charlie Wilson's War also would have been in the top 10, if not top 5.

Owen Wilson is up to present Best Live Action Short Film. Needless to say, I didn't see any of these. The winner sounds like a French film. Whatever.

Jerry Seinfeld's character from Bee Movie is "up" to present Best Animated Short Film. Wow, bunch of foreign stuff here too. Something called Peter and the Wolf won. Looks like claymation. And, the makers are British this time. American short films must suck.

Alan Arkin is up to present Best Supporting Actress. Tilda Swinton won for her role in Michael Clayton. That's one of only two of the movies that I saw. She said she's giving her award to her agent for bringing her to America. She then jokes about George Clooney wearing the nippled Batsuit under his costume on the the set everyday. George looks embarrassed. But, even he mentioned the horrible movie Batman & Robin during the red carpet pre-show. I think he beats himself up quite a bit for that movie, but I don't blame him at all. I think all the blame rests with Joel Schumacher.


Jessica Alba is up to present some of the awards already given out previously. Jon then makes a joke about Jessica Alba and Cate Blanchett both being pregnant but that with Jack Nicholson there, they may have to re-tally after the show. That's pretty funny.

Josh Brolin and James McAvoy are up to present Best Adapted Screenplay. Did Josh Brolin just call Jack Nicholson, Mike Nicholson? My pick here is There Will Be Blood. The winners are the Coen brothers for No Country for Old Men.

A boring business guy is up now to explain the voting.

Mylie Cyrus is up to present another song from Enchanted, this one sung by Kristen Chenoweth. Chenoweth is really pretty. She's wearing a pretty nice grey dress. I like grey dresses. Women should wear that color more often. The song, however, is not that great. The choices must not have been that good this year.


Judi Dench and Halle Berry are up to present... wait, no they're not. Two big curly headed guys whose names I can't remember who starred in movies I can't remember are presenting Best Sound Editing. My vote is for The Bourne Ultimatum. Sweet!!! Bourne won!!! And, I just realized something. This is the only category, other than Best Picture, for which I had seen all five movies. I would have been okay with anyone of them, except Transformers, winning. There Will Be Blood and No Country for Old Men both had great sound.

Best Sound Mixing. Bourne Ultimatum is up for this one also, so are Old Men, Ratatouille, and Transformers, as well as 3:10 to Yuma which I didn't see. Sweet!!! Bourne Ultimatum won for this one too!!! Excellent.

Forrest Whitaker is up to present Best Actress. From this category, I've only seen Juno, so my vote is for Ellen Page by default. Though, it's not like Cate Blanchett can do any wrong. I also like Laura Linney even though I haven't seen her in much. Marion Cotillard won for La Vie En Rose, a French film. Eehhhh. Whatever.


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