Sunday, February 24, 2008

Live Blogging: 80th Annual Academy Awards [Hour 3]

After the commercial, Jon Stewart is seen playing Wii Tennis against a little girl. That's pretty funny.

Colin Farrell is up to present another nominated song, this one from Once, a movie I've heard good things about and may have to check out on video. The song sounds okay. The guys over at *hate* the live performances of Best Song nominees, calling it a waste of time. I disagree. Best Song is the only category in which you can enjoy the content live. For everything else, you have to have to have either seen the movie or gotten a good impression from the quick clip.

Jack Nicholson is up to present a montage of Best Picture winners throughout Oscar history.

Renee Zellweger is up to present Best Film Editing. My personal pick and the winner... The Bourne Ultimatum. Wow, Bourne may not be in the main categories, but it's cleaned up in the technicals it was nominated for.

Nicole Kidman is up to present... a freakin' huge necklace she's wearing. It looks like she fell through a chandelier on the way to the stage. Anyway, she's presenting Robert Boyle for an Honorary Oscar in art direction.


Penelope Cruz is up to present Best Foreign Language Film. I actually saw one or two of the foreign language nominees last year, but last year was a good year. This year, not so much. An Austrian film wins. It's called The Counterfeiters.

Patrick Dempsey is up to present the final Best Song nominee, also from Enchanted. Continuing my earlier argument in support of the live Best Song performances, it breaks up the night. Without the songs, it's just awards and montages. And, frankly, it's the montages I'd like to get rid of.

John Travolta is up to present the winner for Best Song. The winner is the song from Once. Marketa Irglova is really pretty, but unfortunately she wasn't given a chance to say her thanks as her fellow music partner and co-star took up all the time. There's no way he hogged it intentionally. They just didn't give them enough time. When they have two people winning an award, they should let both of them talk, even if each person gets half the time.


Oh, that's so nice. Jon Stewart gave Marketa her chance to say her thanks. She looks & sounds so nice. Nice job, Jon Stewart.

Cameron Diaz is up to present Best Cinematography, something she can barely pronounce, apparently. Noms: Jesse James, Atonement, Diving Bell & Butterfly, No Country for Old Men, There Will Be Blood. My vote, Blood. And, it wins. Yay.

Hillary Swank is up to present the memoriam montage, the only truly worthy montage of them all. Dabbs Greer, the pastor from Little House on the Prairie. Lois Maxwell, Moneypenny from James Bond movies. Suzanne Pleshette. Ingmar Bergman (not familiar with his work, but his name is very recognizable). And, of course, Heath Ledger.


Amy Adams is up to present... her really, really pretty, awesome good looks. She's so pretty. Such nice, long, silky, red hair. Such a sweet voice. What is she doing? Oh, she's presenting Best Original Score. Noms: Atonement, Kite Runner, Michael Clayton, Ratatouille, and 3:10 to Yuma. No strong preference here. Dario somebody won for Atonement. Okay. Bye, bye, Amy.

Tom Hanks is up to present U.S. soldiers in Iraq who are presenting Best Documentary Short Subject. That's pretty cool to do it that way. Tom Hanks gets to present the nominations for Best Documentary Feature, which all sound very serious. Taxi to the Dark Side wins.

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