Sunday, February 25, 2007

Live Blogging: Oscars 2007 Hour 3

[10:33] The tumblers just formed snakes from Snakes on a Plan.

[10:34] George Clooney is presenting Best Supporting Actress. My pick & prediction is Jennifer Hudson. My pick is kind of a tie with Cate Blanchett being a high choice for me too. The winner: Jennifer Hudson!!! Good for her! I was afraid we were going to have another upset. She's kind of rambling and forgetting names, but she did thanked God and her grandmother. That's good. Yay!!!

[10:41] Eva Green and a guy whose name I can't pronounce are presenting Best Documentary Short. Didn't see any of these. The winner: The Blood of Yingzhou District.

[10:44] Jerry Seinfeld is presenting Best Documentary Feature. Also known as, Another Reason to Have Al Gore On Stage. Seinfeld is joking about those who don't win the award. That's pretty funny. He just called the documentaries depressing. That's even funnier. The winner: An Inconvenient Truth. I'm actually pretty tempted to rent this. It's got me curious. Al Gore is getting to speak now. I like him a lot better now than I did in 2000. I wish I had known.

[10:50] Clint Eastwood is presenting a special award for Marconi who's done a lot of film scores. He was doing well at first, but Eastwood really started to flub up his delivery near the end. Before going to a Marconi montage, Eastwood says, "I should have worn my glasses." Yeah, if you're going to speak to an audience of millions and you can't see, glasses would be good.

[10:55] Celine Dion is now performing a song that I'm not sure has anything to do with recent movies.

[10:58] Man, Celine Dion has the *weirdest* facial expressions when she sings.

[11:00] Clint Eastwood is ?translating? for Marconi, I think. I guess that's Italian. I didn't know Eastwood knew Italian. Okay, why does this guy get to talk forever, but the other winners don't?

[11:06] Penelope Cruz and Hugh Jackman are presenting Best Original Score. I'm guess Best Original Song is up next, and I hope we get to hear Dreamgirls songs. For Score... My pick: The Queen. My prediction: Pan's Labyrinth. The winner: Babel. Wow, I got that one wrong all over.

[11:10] And here's the president of the Academy. They've sped him up in slight fast forward because Ellen bet him $1 he couldn't do his thing in less than 60 seconds. That's funny.

[11:11] Tobey MacGuire and Kirsten Dunst are presenting Best Original Screenplay. Wow, Kirsten Dunst has acted lately like she doesn't want to be in the Spider-Man movies, and she kind of acts like she doesn't want to be at the Oscars either. I used to really like her. For Orig. Screenplay... My pick: The Queen. My prediction: Babel, if not, then Little Miss Sunshine, basically one of the two I didn't like. The winner: Little Miss Sunshine. Frustrating. I just don't get it. The writer just said that the VW bus with the broken clutch actually happened to his family.

[11:15] The silhouette tumblers just formed the pitchfork-heeled shoe emblem from Devil Wears Prada.

[11:20] Jennifer Lopez is introducing the songs from Dreamgirls, performed by Beyonce, Jennifer Hudson, Anika Noni Rose, and Keith Robinson. Hudson is singing "Love You I Do" and sounds excellent live.

[11:22] Beyonce joins Hudson on-stage. Beyonce's good, but I still think Hudson is better. Now, Jennifer is backing up Beyonce on "Listen". I think I like "Love You I Do" just slightly better.

[11:25] Anika Noni Rose and Keith Robinson are singing "Patience." I love this song on the album too, but it's not quite as good live. Rose and Robinson are either nervous or holding back or just not as powerful compared to Beyonce and Hudson. Beyonce & Hudson and a gospel choir have joined them on stage. This song works better as an ensemble piece.

[11:27] Wow, overall, that was great!!! Love those three songs. John Travolta and Queen Latifah are presenting Best Original Song. My pick: anything from Dreamgirls. My prediction: "Listen" (Dreamgirls). The winner: "I Need to Wake Up" (An Inconvenient Truth) by Melissa Ethridge. Huh? What? Uh, okay.

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