Sunday, February 25, 2007

Roger Ebert's Oscar Picks & Predictions

And, here are the picks & prediction of movie reviewer Roger Ebert. I usually agree with him, more often than other ciritics, on everyday mainstream movies, but I'm not thrilled with a couple of his Oscar choices.

Roger Ebert's Oscar Picks & Predictions

Best Lead Actor
Should Win: Peter O'Toole (Venus)
Will Win: Forest Whitaker (Last King of Scotland)

Best Supporting Actor
Should & Will Win: Eddie Murphy (Dreamgirls)

Best Lead Actress
Should & Will Win: Helen Mirren (The Queen)

Best Supporting Actress
Should & Will Win: Jennifer Hudson (Dreamgirls)

Best Foreign Film
Should & Will Win: Pan's Labyrinth

Best Animated Feature
Should Win: Monster House
Will Win: Cars

Best Original Screenplay
Should & Will Win: Babel (Guillermo Arriga)

Best Director
Should Win: Ebert says, "For reasons of tact, I prefer not to reveal my preference."
Will Win: Martin Scorsese (The Departed)

Best Picture
Should & Will Win: Babel

Best Documentary
Should & Will Win: An Inconvenient Truth

I wonder what Ebert means in his Best Director preference. My guess is that he thinks someone other than Martin Scorsese deserves it this year but that Scorsese should get it anyway because he's been passed over so many times before.

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