Sunday, February 25, 2007

Live Blogging: Oscars 2007 Hour 4

[11:33] Still scratching my head over the Melissa Ethridge win. How did Dreamgirls lose that category? Maybe by having three songs, the votes got split too much.

[11:35] Will Smith is introducing a montage of Michael Mann movies.

[11:39] Just looked up Michael Mann at He's a producer. Wasn't sure about that.

[11:40] Kate Winslet is presenting Best Film Editing. My pick: Children of Men. My prediction: The Departed. If Children of Men couldn't even get a Best Dir. nomination and got robbed in Best Cin., it ought to at least win Best Editing. I'd be okay with United 93 too. The winner: The Departed. I guessed it right, but I don't get it. Children of Men is just getting severely robbed. Not happy.

[11:44] Jodie Foster is introducing the montage of those that died this past year.

[11:52] Phillip Seymour Hoffman is presenting Best Lead Actress. My pick & prediction: Helen Mirren (The Queen). The winner: Helen Mirren!!! Yay!!! Best Oscar acceptance speech of the night too. This lady has poise.

[11:56] The tumblers are forming the silhouette of a gun to the tune of James Bond. I think. It didn't sound totally like the James Bond theme.

[12:00] Ellen is vaccuuming the front row. That's funny.

[12:01] Reese Witherspoon is presenting Best Lead Actor. My pick & prediction: Forest Whitaker (Last King of Scotland). The winner: Forest Whitaker!!! Yay again!!! Oh no, he's rambling like he was at the Golden Globes. He's telling a story. They're going to cut him off, I just know it.

[12:05] Okay, he's not exactly rambling, he just had a shaky start. He's getting to thanking people. Wow, he thanked everyone. He thanked his mom & dad, his wife, his kids, and God. Good for him.

[12:07] Francis Ford Copolla, Stephen Spielberg, and George Lucas are presenting Best Director. My pick: Paul Greengrass. My prediction: Martin Scorsese. The winner: Martin Scorsese. Okay, so the Oscar curse is over for Scorsese, so next year, can we give it to someone who really does the best job on his/her film. The Departed was good, but I thought Paul Greengrass and Clint Eastwood made better films.

[12:11] Yay. Clips from The Queen. Best of the Oscar movies and my third favorite movie of all 2006.

[12:12] Diane Keaton and Jack Nicholson are presenting Best Picture. My pick: The Queen. My prediction: Too close to call. The winner: The Departed. Well, that's good enough. I would have preferred The Queen or at least Letters From Iwo Jima, but I'm also *very* glad that Babel and Little Miss Sunshine lost. The Departed was my middle choice, so this is good enough.

[12:17] ...And, just like that, it's over. So weird how there's so much anticipation and build up, but after that last award, the host just says thanks and good night, and that's it. I'll have to review the final tally tomorrow to see how many picks and predictions I got right. There were more upsets than I expected. Well, a fun experience, and now it's over. I can finally stop watching movies. ;) Just kidding.


trvlarrngr said...

Very cool blog. I will come back later tonite to read your reviews! I love movies and like to have some insight into them before I go or buy on cable.

Thanks, saw your link from the Greensboro Movie Meetup club.

scifirantergirl said...

OMG!! Your TV blog Kung Fu is supreme!