Sunday, September 16, 2007

Live Blogging: 2007 Primetime Emmy Awards (Hour One)

[08:04] Okay, getting a slightly late start on the live blogging. Two characters from The Family Guy just sang a cute song about today's TV shows. And now, Ryan Seacrest, the host, is on stage.

[08:06] Ryan just hit on two of the women from Desperate Housewives. Then he talked to William Shatner. Ryan knows too much about fashion. He keeps commenting on people's clothes.

[08:08] We just dodged a bullet. I thought Ryan was about to sing. It was just a fake-out. Before that, he pointed out that the Emmys are "in the round," with the stage being in the center and the audience surrounding all sides.

[08:09] Ray Romano is on stage for the first award. He's babbling right now, and the camera cut to a weird ceiling angle for a few seconds with the audio cut off. I wonder if something happened requiring some censoring or it was a random glitch.

[8:11] After two minutes of a stand-up "comedy" routine, Romano is finally getting to the nominations of Best Supporting Comedy Actors. Jeremy Piven from Entourage got it. I don't watch any of these shows, so I don't care.

[08:14] America Ferrera and Vanessa Williams are on stage for Best Supporting Drama Actors. My vote is for Michael Emerson from Lost or Masi Oka from Heroes. Williams Shatner wouldn't be bad either. The winner is: Terry O'Quinn. Wow. He would have been my 4th choice. I didn't even think he had much to do on Lost this season. I guess the nomination and win were based soley on the one or two episode that were Locke-centric. That's nice; he commends his castmate, Michael Emerson. The music cuts him off.

[08:21] We're back from break, and Ryan is going on about women on TV. He works in a joke about drugs and Paula Abdul that catches Paula off guard.

[08:22] Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Tiny Fey are giving out the award for Best Supporting Comedy Actress. My first choice is Vanessa Williams, because Ugly Betty is the only comedy I watch. And the winner is: Jaime Pressley, from My Name is Earl. I would have been okay with Jenna Fischer winning too. I saw my first episode of The Office today, and from what I know of Jenna's character Pam from that episode and random clips I've seen, I'd say I could easily get a crush on Pam.

[08:26] Kyle Chandler and Katherine Heigl are presenting Best Supporting Actor in a Mini-Series or Movie. Katherine couldn't resist correcting the announcer on the pronounciation of her last name (high-gul, not high-jel). I don't know; I think she should have just let it go. Thomas Haden Church won for Broken Trail.

[08:33] Ellen Degeneres is asking Hugh Laurie is she should have "something" removed. I like her. She's funny. Except right now she's kind of babbling, which I have mixed feelings about. She's introducing a montage of late night show one-liners. The montage doubles as a tribute to Tom Snyder who died this past year.

[08:37] Eva Longoria and the cast of Entourage are presenting Best Supporting Drama Actresses. My main picks are for Rachel Griffiths from Brothers & Sisters or Chandra Wilson from Grey's Anatomy. The winner is: Katherine Heigl. She would have been my 3rd choice. You can tell that Katherine reacted by saying, "Oh, sshhit," because the sound cut out, and they cut to the weird ceiling camera again. Oddly, I doubt you could have heard her anyway, so I guess they didn't want to offend anyone who could read lips.

[08:41] Jennifer Love Hewitt and Jon Cryer are presenting Best Writing for a Variety, Music, or Comedy Series. The nominees come from the following shows: Colbert Report, Daily Show, Late Night with Conan O'Brien, Late Show with David Letterman, and Real Time with Bill Maher. The visual montages of the writing teams are hilarious. I hope those end up on YouTube. The winner is: Late Night with Conan O'Brien. Weird. That would have been my 3rd or 4th choice. My first choice would have been Daily Show.

[08:50] Ryan just made a good joke about the cast of Kid Nation all on treadmills providing power for the awards show. Now, a musical number with Tony Bennett and Christina Aguilera. Say what?

[08:53] Okay, the musical number wasn't bad but was kind of pointless. Christina looks much more mature and classy than she did in her skanky phase, but she also looks over-processed (too much make-up).

[08:54] Alec Baldwin is now presenting Best Directing for Variety, Music, or Comedy Series. The winner is: Rob Marshall for some kind of Tony Bennett special. Okay, I guess that's why they got Bennett to sing beforehand.

[08:55] Ali Larter and Keifer Sutherland are presenting Best Lead Actor in Mini-Series or Movie. The winner is: Robert Duvall for Broken Trail. Didn't see it; don't care. But, I do like Robert Duvall, so good for him.

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