Sunday, September 30, 2007

Season Premiere Review: Grey's Anatomy (Season 4)

Grey's Anatomy [s4 ep01]: "A Change is Gonna Come"

*** Spoiler Warning ***

Key Plot Points of Season Premiere

  • The interns are all residents now and each have four new interns of their own to teach. The exception is George who failed his internship and is having to start all over as one of Meredith's interns. Meanwhile, one of Christina's interns is Lexie Grey, Meredith's half sister.

  • Bailey seems upset over not getting the Chief Resident promotion

  • Callie is turning out to be a bossy Chief Resident not earning the respect of those under her.

  • After a car pile up, trauma cases come in. Meredith's team is assigned to a single pregnant woman who's arm was sliced off in the wreck. Karev's team is assigned to a hungry guy who will eat *anything* that will fit into his mouth including cotton balls, clamps, and coins. Christina's team is assigned to a guy whose spinal cord is severed inside his neck. Izzie's team gets stuck treating the deer that caused the wreck in the first place.

  • George is still avoiding Izzie. Callie and George are still not acting like a normal married couple. Meredith is still avoiding Derek. Christina hasn't heard from Burke and later finds out Burke resigned and left permanently. Karev still misses Rebecca, his Jane Doe case from last season. Derek misses having someone to hang out with.

Opinions and Observations

  • Luckily, the medical cases were a little more interesting in this episode.

  • I'm growing tired of George's mannerisms, way of speaking, and the way he handles his relationships. I'm tired of Izzie's melodramatic ramblings (see quote below). I'm tired of Derek and Meredith constantly changing their mind about being together or being apart. And, I've never really liked the Christina character.

  • * Horrible Izzie Dialogue Example *

    Izzie: I'm Bambi! I'm Bambi, George, okay. If anyone in this situation is a sad little cartoon character, it's me. I'm all alone in the forest. All alone in the forest, George. And, my mother's been shot by a hunter, and where are you? Where the hell are you?

  • This wasn't exactly a bad episode. It has some redeeming qualities that make it average, but it's got some flaws, as mentioned above, that are getting too frequent.

Hopes, Concerns, or Expectations for New Season

  • I think the character of Lexie Grey might turn out to be more likable than some of the pre-existing characters.

  • According to internet buzz, this season is going to be more lighthearted compared to last season's heavy melodrama. I hope the buzz is correct.

  • I like the show, but I've never liked it quite as much as the rest of the world. If it doesn't get better soon and if I need to dump a show to make room from any new ones that escape cancelation, this one will be first choice to dump.

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