Sunday, September 16, 2007

Live Blogging: 2007 Primetime Emmy Awards (Hour Three)

[10:04] Masi Oka from Heroes is up to introduce Tom from MySpace who is presenting an Emmy to Al Gore for Achievement in Interactive Programming (over the internet). I wonder if Gore will announce a presidential bid, or at least joke about doing so.

[10:07] No presidential announcement from Gore.

[10:08] Brad Garrett and Joely Fisher are up to present... Holy crap, Joely's cleavage is moving around!!! I don't know if those are real or not, but either way, she's got some muscles underneath, uh, those. Brad is joking about them. What award is this for? Oh, Best Performance in a Variety, Music, or Comedy Special. The winner is: Tony Bennett, yet again.

[10:10] Anthony Anderson and Teri Hatcher are up to announce the nominees for Best Guest Actors & Actresses in Comedies. The winners were: Stanley Tucci and Elaine Stritch (sp?) for, uh, two shows. I'm losing focus. Can you tell?

[10:13] Elaine has trouble reading the teleprompter. She says she's not faking it, that she really doesn't know what the hell she's doing. Then she struggles to read out the joke on the teleprompter. She won an Emmy??? Anyway, they're presenting Best Directing for a Comedy. The winner is: Richard Shepherd for the Ugly Betty pilot. Okay, I can see that. Really good episode; really good pilot. The director for the musical episode of Scrubs was also nominated, and he/she would have been my first choice.

[10:16] Anthony and Teri are back for Best Writing in a Comedy. Two of the nominees are for 30 Rock. The winner is: Greg Daniels for the "Gay Witch Hunt" episode of The Office.

[10:24] Wayne Brady is out to present... something. But, first, he's making two semi-randomly chosen stars to do some kind of competition. It's Rainn Wilson, from The Office, and Kanye West. The competition is regarding the lyrics of music of... Kanye West. Kanye West goes first and gets it wrong because he pronounces the last word "you" instead of the more proper "ya." Rainn does it and gets it right. That was kind of dumb and took way too much time. It's crap like this that makes award shows three hours or longer, which also causes the winners of some of the more anticipated awards have to rush through their acceptance speeches. If they cut out half of the "cute" little comedy moments and half the musical numbers, they'd have time to let the more important winners at the end have just as much time as the obscure people who win awards in the middle of the show.

[10:29] Rainn and Kanye are presenting Best Reality Competition. The winner is: The Amazing Race. Wow, don't they win every year? They practically have an army on stage to accept the award.

[10:35] Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart are up. Colbert has a gas-powered leaf blower on his back. Stewart berates him for using a gas-powered motor indoors at the first "green" Emmys. Colbert claims that the motor runs on alternative fuel -- the tears of Al Gore. Okay, I like these guys, but even their skit is going on too long. Hello, third hour of the show. Important awards still to give out. Tick-tock, tick-tock.

[10:38] Finally... Stephen and Jon are presenting the Lead Comedy Actor. The winner is: Ricky Gervais, for Extras. Gervais is not there, so Jon jokes that they're going to give the award to their friend Steve Carell, who then runs up on stage and jumps with Stephen and Jon for joy.

[10:40] Felicity Huffman and Hugh Laurie are presenting Best Lead Drama Acress. The winner is: Sally Field. Yay!!! She was my first choice. Of course, it's partly because I don't watch any of the other shows of the other actresses. Okay, Field hasn't been cut off by the music quite yet, but she's also talking really, really fast.

[10:42] Okay, now Field's trying to continue over the music, but she forgets what she's saying. Then, she remembers, they give up on the music, and then they cut off the sound and cut to the weird ceiling angle again. I wonder if Field got censored.

[10:43] Now, their doing the In Memory portion for those that died during the year. Larry "Bud" Melman (from David Letterman Show) Don Herbert (Mr. Wizard). Steve Irwin. Joel Siegel (movie critic). Jack Palance. Tom Poston. Tom Snyder. Ed Bradley. Merv Griffin.

[10:51] William Shatner and Debra Messing are up to present Best Lead Comdedy Actress. Come on America Ferrera!!! The winner is: America Ferrera, for Ugly Betty!!! Yay!!! Granted, I don't watch the other shows people are nominated for either. But, America really is deserving too.

[10:54] Jimmy Smits and Kate Walsh are up to present... Their new shows coming this fall. Okay, the award... Best Lead Drama Actor. The winner is: James Spader, for Boston Legal. Wow!!! That's a surprise. I love Hugh Laurie (House), Spader, and Denis Leary (Rescue Me), but Laurie was slightly more my 1st choice. Spader was my 2nd, with Leary being an equally close 3rd. I'm shocked that it wasn't James Gandolfini, for The Sopranos. In fact, in his acceptance speech, Spader said he felt like he just stole a bunch of money from the mob. Well, if Spader can get the acting Emmy over Gandolfini, maybe Sopranos won't necessarily get the Drama Series award.

[11:02] Kelsey Grammer and Patricia Heaton are presenting Best Comedy Series. The winner is: 30 Rock. (???) I'm surprised Ugly Betty didn't get it. Again, I don't watch any of those shows other than Ugly Betty.

[11:08] Helen Mirren is up to present Best Drama Series. Nominees: Boston Legal, Grey's Anatomy, Heroes, House, Sopranos. The winner is: The Sopranos. Boooo!!! Oh well. It's not much of a surprise, with it being their last year. Maybe it's as good as most say. I don't have HBO, so I've never seen a single episode. My hopes were for House or at least Heroes. I would also have been pleasantly surprised with Boston Legal and somewhat okay with Grey's Anatomy.

[11:11] Yay!!! It's over. Now I can watch the season finale of The 4400 on TiVo. Good night.

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