Friday, September 28, 2007

Season Premiere Review: Heroes (Season 2)

Heroes [s2 ep01]: "Four Months Later"

*** Spoiler Warning ***

Key Plot Points of Season Premiere

  • It is four months after the events of the first season finale, and our Heroes have moved on...

  • Mohinder is in India giving speeches about special abilities and human evolution. He is being followed by someone who is probably part of "The Company." Later, we learn Mohinder has been giving the speeches as a way of luring out someone from the Company.

  • Siblings Maya and Alejandro (new characters) are in Honduras running from the police. They are trying to make it to New York to see Dr. Suresh. Later, we learn that the Maya's power has something to do with unintentionally killing people in her vicinity.

  • Claire Bennet, her dad Noah (HRG), and her mother and brother have moved to Costa Verde, California, and are trying to keep a low profile away from the Company. HRG tells his daughter to be as un-extraordinary as possible, so as not to attract attention. Claire meets a boy at school.

  • Hiro is in 1671 Japan. After witnessing an eclipse, he saves his hero, Takezo Kensei from a rain of arrows. To Hiro's surprise, Kensei is a caucasian con-man from England, not a native Japanese warrior.

  • Matt Parkman is in Manhattan taking his police exam. He has survived his four bullet wounds (obviously), has gotten divorced, and is a co-guardian (along with Mohinder) of the hero-detecting Molly. Molly is having bad dreams about the person she feels is worse than Sylar. Her teacher shows Parkman the creepy pictures Molly's drawing, but Molly doesn't want to talk about it when Parkman brings it up.

  • Ando has become a friend of Hiro's father Kaito (George Takei). Kaito finds in his newspaper a warning that he is going to get killed. Ando agrees to stick with Kaito no matter what.

  • Nathan Petrelli and his mother Angela are in Peter's apartment. Nathan is still in grief over his brother's apparent death. He's bearded, his family has given up on him, and it would seem he gave up on public office. Nathan and Angela argue, and then Angela gets an assassination warning like Kaito did.

  • Claire Bennett calls Nathan Petrelli, her biological father, but he's in too much grief to be of comfort and quickly blows her off. We see the boy from school hovering outside Claire's window, and then he flies off.

  • Before Ando can get a sword to Kaito, a hooded figure pushes Kaito off the roof of the building. Kaito *appears* to be dead in the alleyway, but his assassin is gone.

  • In Cork, Ireland, three guys knock out a guard and look for a particular freight bin. When they pry it open, Peter Petrelli is inside, still with at least one power (radioactive Ted's hand blasts) but with no memory of who he is.

  • Niki and Micah are not shown. We don't know if D.L. survived being shot. Candace, Sylar, and "the Haitian" are not around either.

Opinions and Observations

  • This was more of a refresher episode than a blowout season premiere. Because the timeframe has advanced by four months, this episode mostly just explains where everyone is at.

  • I am curious what exactly Maya and Alejandro's power(s) is/are. I have read somewhere that they share a power that only works in tandem. From one scene in the episode, it looks more like their power is to kill people at a distance or infect them with a virus whenever they're separated from each other.

  • I'm glad Peter Petrelli and Matt Parkman survived the season one finale. I'm pretty sure Sylar survived too. I'm impartial about Nathan's survival. Surely, D.L. actually died and is still dead. I would rather it have been Niki. D.L.'s power is cooler.

Hopes, Concerns, or Expectations for New Season

  • From what I've read, there will be several new characters with all new powers this season. I look forward to seeing who and what they are.

  • I hope the person that is "worse than Sylar" turns out to be a satisfying villain.

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Chris Knight said...

I've watched one episode of this last season, thought it was great, then didn't watch anymore for some reason. May have to give it another shot.

I'm pretty bad when it comes to picking up watching a good TV show. Wasn't until Lost season 2 that I really started getting into that one. Thank goodness for DVDs :-)