Saturday, October 06, 2007

I Got a Job!!!

I finally got a job! A few months after my previous employer laid me off thanks to the overly popular business trend of off-shoring, I have a job again.

This has been a crazy week. On Wednesday, I was in contact with two job placement agencies, one of which knew of a job at my old company that was tailored to fit an ex-employee that might be willing to go back. The agency sent my name to them without my permission, which I wasn't happy about. But, I remained *somewhat* openminded about the prospect since I've been out of work for so long (plus the job would be contract this time around, so I'd get paid for overtime).

Then on Thursday, I had a phone interview with one company, a follow-up phone call with the agency trying to get me re-hired, and yet another phone call from yet another job recruiter that I've been working with for a while telling me I could get at an interview on Friday at 2:00 with the company I really did want to get hired at.

The recruiter said that he would have nearly instant feedback from the company as to how my interview went. I was a little worried. For starters, I thought I'd only be interviewed by two people. Instead, there were four people in the room and one person conferenced in on speakerphone. Urgh, no pressure. Plus, I fumbled one question pretty bad and felt like I could have answered others a little better.

Well, I must have done really well on all the other questions because they liked me, and by the time I got home, my recruiter already had the news that I had the job.

So on Friday, not only did I get a job at a really good company, in the same day I got to turn down a job at my old company that laid me off after 8.5 years of service because someone in India doing my work is supposedly cheaper. Call it karma, dramatic irony, convenient timing, whatever--Friday was a really good day.

I don't know when I start, but it's a relief to know that in a week or two I'll be employed again at a good company making more than I was before, using some transferable skills that I already have but probably picking up some new skills too. The *only* downside is: now I have to go back to work. ;) Well, it was a nice extended summer vacation while it lasted. I just keep reminding myself that I'll probably have to work a total of 40 or 50 years of my life, so the last six months were just a strange anomaly. Besides, the job search process and the lack of income can get kind of stressful desite all the free time. In a way, I almost feel like I need to go back to work to relax--in a way.

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Chris Knight said...

That's AWESOME, man!! Congratulations!!

I'm trying to find more regular employment also. Please pray that God will be as good to me as He has been with letting you land this one. It sounds like a sweet deal :-)