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Monday Night TV in Review

Monday 01 October 2007
*** Spoiler Warning ***

Prison Break

[s3 ep03]: "Call Waiting"

It's hard to summarize or judge this episode. As the 3rd episode of the new season, the story still seems to have a slow build. Elements of the story trudge foward, but nothing is really exciting or memorable yet. Hopefully, it will get better as it goes along.

The departure of Sarah Wayne Callies from the show is forcing her character of Sarah Tancredi to only appear on camera with her back turned. It's starting to feel a little obvious that the regular actress is gone. At one point in the episode, Michael gets to talk to Sarah, thanks to T-Bag borrowing Sona's only cell phone without Luchero's permission, and the voice on the other line sounds a little like Sarah--but not exactly.


[s1 ep02]: "Chuck Versus the Helicopter"

While not as good overall as the pilot, the 2nd episode does not disappoint. Highlights of the episode include the apparent double crossing going on between the CIA and the NSA; Sarah Walker in pigtails and a German skirt while posing as the operator of the Wienerlicious sausage and hot dog joint beside of the Buy More; Chuck's sister continuing to be supportive of Chuck; Chuck, Sarah, and Casey all attending Bryce's funeral; and Chuck apologizing to Sarah and bringing his family by for a 2nd chance at dinner.


[s2 ep02]: "Lizards"

Like Prison Break, Heroes also seems to be having a slow build. I don't feel thrilled with Hiro's subplot in 17th century Japan, but it was good to see that the Haitian is not completely out of the story yet. He re-teamed with Noah Bennett ("HRG") by the end.

Now that we know that Claire's friend at school can fly and that Kensai's power is regeneration, I wonder if that means that there are a limited number of powers or if certain ones repeat in a family line. I hope that running out of ideas is not the reason for the creators re-using two previously introduced powers already.

Oh, and Claire has confirmed that her healing power includes regeration of lost parts, thanks to her cutting off her own pinky toe (can you really do that just with a pair of scissors?). Yowzers!


[s1 ep02]: "Friendly Skies"

Better than the pilot, I'm feeling much better about this show's potential. In this episode, Dan Vasser travels back to the '70s, the '80s, and twice in the '90s. First, he shows up in time to deliver a baby on an airplane. Later, when the baby has grown into a teenager, he helps her have the courage to meet her father that she's never known. When she tries to donate bone marrow for her father who has gotten leukemia, she's not a match for him but is a match for someone else who needs a transplant and would go on to do humanitarian missions in Darfur. Dan's actions didn't help save the girl's mother or father, but the chain of events helped the greater good.

This episode helped confirm or clarify a few things: When Dan was engaged to Livia, his future wife Katie was dating Dan's brother Jack; either Jack is following Livia around in time or she's following him; unlike the single-jump missions of Quantum Leap, Dan makes several jumps to help a certain person at various points in their lifetime; Dan is starting to sense when his time jumps are about to happen allowing him to leave a crowd, park his car, or call his wife to tell him he'll be late for supper; an MRI shows there's nothing wrong with Dan's brain; and now that one of Dan's time jumps have occurred during a flight, causing security questions, he and his wife have been put on the no-fly list.

I like that the time jumps are something he can talk to his wife about instead of keep secret and that she believes him instead of thinking he's crazy. She's being patient and understanding for now, but I wonder how long that can last, especially since Dan keeps running into his ex-fiance, a detail he hasn't shared with his wife--yet.

Monday Night Winner: Journeyman, [s1 ep02]: "Friendly Skies"

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