Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Season Premiere Review: Brothers & Sisters (Season 2)

Borthers & Sisters [s2 ep01]: "Home Front"

*** Spoiler Warning ***

Key Plot Points of Season Premiere

  • Justin is still in Iraq, something that concerns everyone all the time, especially since they haven't heard from him in quite a while.

  • Sarah and Joe are still separated, requiring Sarah to spend more time with the kids. Sarah and Joe have a quicky, leading Sarah to think they may have a chance at reconciliation, but Joe wants to go forward with the divorce.

  • Kevin is still dating a minister and gets upset when the minister gets an opportunity to go on a foreign mission.

  • Tommy and his wife are having slight problems because she's still mourning the death of the twin that didn't survive and stressed out from the demands of parenting the twin that did survive.

  • Rebecca is still living with Nora and not talking to her mother. On the anniversary of William's death, both Nora and Holly show up at the grave at the same time, something Nora has come to terms with. Nora invites Holly to Kitty's birthday dinner so that she can see Rebecca there.

  • Kitty struggles with the press focusing on her new role as Robert's fiance rather than her continued role as Robert's chief of communications. Kitty also continues to pressure Robert to use his connections to find out her brother's whereabouts in Iraq. Robert resists at first but, for Kitty's birthday, finds out Justin is okay. Later, he finds out Justin's group was hit by an IED. They don't know if he's okay, slightly injured, maimed, or killed.

Opinions and Observations

  • In general, this is a good episode, but this show isn't known for huge shocks or revelations. It's a steady, realistic drama, so nothing huge to comment on.

  • There are excellent performances as usual. Sally Field continues to earn her Emmy.

  • I wish Sarah and Joe could get back together. Considering how amicable their split has been and that Sarah is being so forgiving, you'd think Joe would jump at the chance to get back together. His desire to go through with the divorce confuses me.

Hopes, Concerns, or Expectations for New Season

  • Of course, the mystery now is what has happened to Justin. I think the previews for next week's episode make it look like he died as an intentional fake-out. My guess is that he survives but is injured badly enough to require coming home so that the character can be around once again.

  • I hope we learn more about the reason Rebecca's own mother warned Nora one time last season that Rebecca can be trouble. Sure, she's already kissed Joe, leading to Joe and Sarah's split, but that seems to have blown over somewhat. What else is this girl capable of?

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