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Thursday Night TV in Review

Thursday 04 October 2007
*** Spoiler Warning ***

Survivor: China

[s15 ep03]: "I Lost Two Hands and Possibly a Shoulder"

The Fei Long tribe has trouble sleeping when Jean-Robert snores too loud and snuggles too creepily close to tribemates for warmth. Fei Long's men argue over how to prepare the single crab they were able to catch. Zhan Hu continues to have a *lot* of conflict mostly instigated by Dave himself or by those who have a problem with Dave.

The reward challenge is a team wrestling challenge for comfort items. Zhan Hu wins the challenge and choose to kidnap Leslie until the immunity challenge. Once there, Leslie gave Jaime the secret scroll with the clue as to the "hidden" immunity idol supposedly in plain view at camp. This returns the favor that Jaime did when she gave a similar scroll to Leslie when she was kidnapped last time.

Todd and Courtney overhear James and Jean Robert talking about strategy and tribemates (particularly the two of them). James says things that make him seem like less of a nice guy than he seemed previously.

Zhan Hu finally wins an immunity challenge, and mostly annoyed by her Christian values and possibly spilling secrets while kidnapped, Fei Long vote out Leslie.

It may still be too soon to tell for sure, but so far this looks like a poorly cast season. Some players are still under the radar, but among the more visible players, there are far more unlikeable ones than likeable ones.

Ugly Betty

[s2 ep02]: "Family/Affair"

Wilhelmina tries to take over as editor of Mode in Daniel's absense. Hilda goes through Santos's stuff from his apartment. Justin starts his internship at Mode. Ignacio gets impatient waiting for his visa and considers sneaking over the border. Bradford uses Alexis's amnesia as a way of getting a fresh, amicable start with a son/daughter that he had previously rejected. Henry returns to work at Mode; he and Betty "agree" to be "buddies" while he's back (haven't they tried that unsuccessfully already in season one?). The only thing left of Fey Summers that Amanda can get is her stinky, rat-like dog.

Betty attempts to preserve some of Daniel's power over the magazine by stealing the issue book from Wilhelmina's apartment where she discovers that Wilhelmina is cheating on Bradford with her own bodyguard. When Wilhelmina discovers this, she makes a deal with Betty to pull strings to get her father back from Mexico if Betty will stay quiet about Wil's affair and interference with the magazine.

Like several other returning shows this season, Ugly Betty seems slow and steady so far. Nothing bad but nothing spectacular. One very unrealistic thing about this episode is that all of Amanda's extra weight from the season premiere is already gone just one week later. They made her butt look two or three times normal size last episode, and now she's skinny again. In an industry built around fashion and vanity, I guess she could have gotten liposuction, but I'm not sure her character could afford that on a receptionist's budget. In reality, it seems more like a continuity oversight that the makers of the show probably hoped would go un-noticed.

Grey's Anatomy

[s4 ep02]: "Love/Addiction"

George has admitted his love to Izzie (my TiVo cut off that little moment from last week's episode), but he can't work up the nerve to end things with his wife Callie. Meredith and Derek, although supposedly broken up, still spend the night together because they're addicted to each other. Meredith tells her half-sister Lexie that she doesn't want to get to know her.

Instead of returning wedding gifts, Christina opens them and trades them for participating on surgeries and for hiding her from Burke's mother who comes to the hospital. Burke's mother confronts Meredith on what she said at the wedding, "It's over. It's over. It's soooo over." Christina does finally face Burke's mother. Christina asks Mrs. Burke to take away all the wedding gifts, and Mrs. Burke cleans out her son's apartment.

A gas main blows in an apartment building causing a surge in emergency cases. Later, Karev discovers that the explosion came from a homemade crystal meth lab. The couple making the meth unknowingly exposed their neighbors and their own baby to meth fumes. The baby got meth in its bloodstream and is suffering from withdrawal.

Although I still have problems with certain characters and the overall direction of the show, this episode was more bearable than some. Chandra Wilson put in an excellent performance as Dr. Bailey in this episode. Her character is struggling with not being the chief resident nor being the teacher to her former interns who are all residents now.

Thursday Night Winner: Grey's Anatomy, [s4 ep02]: "Love/Addiction"

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