Saturday, October 20, 2007

Sam Brownback Out of Republican Presidential Race

When I checked the news on the internet today, I was surprised to see that Sam Brownback had dropped out of the Republican presidential race. I liked Brownback. I didn't necessarily think he'd make the best president, but he seemed to be one of the more honest and moral candidates in the race (emphasis on "seemed," since I admit I don't know enough about him to be sure).

It is about time that the field get narrowed a bit, especially with Fred Thompson and Alan Keyes having joined recently. The next logical departure would be from Tom Tancredo. In debates, he rarely seems to get his point across well. I have a hard time even understanding what he stands for. I like certain aspects of Duncan Hunter, but he probably isn't a strong candidate either, in terms of poll numbers and money (not that that should matter, even though it does).

Of course, Fred Thompson and the "big three" are in it for the long haul, and it would be stupid for Keyes to exit too soon after just getting in. Huckabee is considered by many to be the top of the 2nd-tier candidates. And, Ron Paul, as the best defender of the Constitution of them all, is the deserving dark horse of the race. I'd like to see these seven go at in the next few debates.

Going back to Brownback... I wonder which candidate(s) his supporters will most likely support next, and I wonder if Brownback himself will endorse one of the remaining candidates any time soon. My guess is his supporters would go toward McCain or Huckabee, but of course, I'd love to see more support for Ron Paul.